I teach herbal medicine classes throughout the city, and am available for private workshops for individuals or groups. Topics can range from medicine making (tinctures, teas, syrups, salves), to herbs for specific issues. Contact me with your ideas, or to be added to my email list to hear about upcoming classes and events.



PLANT CLUB with Jess Turner

A monthly study group on an individual plant. Every third Wednesday of the month.

Antidote Apothecary

Past Classes include:


A Burst of Light: Plant Walk + Meditation

Plants are our elders on this planet. With millions of years more life experience than human beings, they know more about how to adapt to change than we do. Here in New York City we are surrounded by plants—often seen as mere weeds—that have the ability to support us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

On Saturday June 3rd, join herbalists Laura Marie Ruocco, Jess Turner, and meditation teacher Elaine Su-Hui of Inner Fields for a plant walk through Prospect Park to meet the plant medicines growing all around us.

When we learn to identify the plants we encounter every day, we are better able to understand ourselves as members of a living community. Plants go from being uniform and unknown, to our trusted friends and allies—opening our eyes to the magic that surrounds us.

The day will be divided into three sections: indoor meditation, outdoor exploration and classroom learning. Our meditation will focus on embodiment and using our connection to plants to ground ourselves. Our classroom discussion will focus on the concept of flavor in the Western herbal tradition. The flavors of a plant indicate the qualities it possesses, and the processes it supports in the body. For each of the plants we discuss, we will explore what taste can tell us about these plants’ actions on the body. With this framework, attendees will be equipped with tools to understand any food or plant they encounter.

Tickets available here


workshop on herbal bitters

Bitters: a flavor and an action – In collaboration with Alexis Powell of Creative Spark, we presented an overview of bitter herbs for digestive health, and led creative exercises exploring bitter energetics.

6/30/2014, 5/10/2016,  & 4/4/2016

Flower Power Herbs & Roots – 406 E. 9th St NYC – 212-982-6664

Herbal Support for Stress: Nervines and Adaptogens – A discussion of the ways stress impacts our lives and our bodies, and how herbs and foods can help this healthy biological response from becoming a chronic state of being. We will talk about plants to help with both long term stress disharmony and acute moments of trauma, panic, and depression.


Flower Power Herbs & Roots – 406 E. 9th St NYC – (212)-982-6664

Herbal Support for Stressful Times–  A last minute class to support anyone in need post-election.  Cost is by donation, no one turned away.


Flower Power Herbs & Roots – 406 E. 9th St NYC – (212)-982-6664

Herbs for Cold and Flu Season – We will discuss herbs and foods to help build immunity as well as using commonly available herbs to treat acute symptoms.  Cost is $30.  Please contact me or call the shop to RSVP


A Burst of Light – Self-Care for Collective Resilience (co-organized with Jess Turner)

MINKA Brooklyn – 1120 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY | 3rd Floor

Birthed in the days following the 2016 presidential election, A Burst of Light will feature classes on plant medicine for emotional and physical wellness, astrology for empowerment, and fashion for the revolution ✊🏾; food, fellowship, herbal tea, healing library and affordable, private sessions with bodyworkers and energy healers. Rejecting the individualism of mainstream “wellness” rhetoric, we root healing work within a social, political and ecological context—and a commitment to challenging all forms of oppression


Antidote Apothecary + Tea Bar – 200 Franklin St Brooklyn NY – (929)-276-3905

Herbs for Resilience: Plant Allies for Times of Undoing – with Jess Turner

Plants have powers that can reach us on both the physical and spiritual plane. In these times, as multiple ongoing, intersecting social and political crises come to a head, what wisdom can we glean from our plant teachers? How can understanding plants as teachers help us transition from fear and alienation to personal transformation? Challenging the individualism of mainstream “wellness” rhetoric, this class takes inspiration from Janet Kent and Dave Meesters’ radical vitalism framework–which acknowledges the interconnectedness of all life on this planet. We root healing work within a social, political and ecological context, and a commitment to challenging all forms of oppression.